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O’Steen Meat Specialties, Inc. was started by Jim, June and Rick O’Steen in 1989 to produce pre-marinated products for the restaurant industry.

Since that time we have expanded into other areas of food processing with the same goals in mind:


  • Our outstanding products will provide consistent quality and flavor

  • Our products will provide labor savings


Our labor saving strategies include marinating, precooking and breading
among other processes to save you time and money.

O'Steen Meats is an Industry Leader In:


  • Marinated Poultry, Beef & Pork

  • Breaded Products

  • Proprietary Items

  • Custom Formulations

  • Value Added Proteins

Over 34 Years of Success In:


  • Specialty Products

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Dedicated Staff

  • Highest Regards in Food Safety

  • New and Innovative Concepts

O’Steen Meats’ Research and Development Team plays an integral role in working for our customers. Our trained and dedicated Food Scientist go the limit to provide the highest quality products with flexibility in size, taste, shape, and packaging. There are no “off the shelf” products. As a team, we are working with the customer to develop and create numerous flavor varieties and customizing product.


  • Excellent Quality

  • Consistent

  • Versatile

  • Outstanding Plate Coverage

  • Flavor and Nutritional Management

  • Portional Control

  • Convenient

  • Optional Marinades

  • Variety of Batters and Breading


  • Based in Oklahoma City

  • Recently Renovated With Food Safety As First Priority

  • Controlled Entrances

  • Controlled Raw Material Receiving Area

  • Designed Traffic Patterns For Staff And Materials To Eliminate Unnecessary Product Contact


  • Training Programs for:

    • Production

    • Sanitation

    • Safety

    • Wellfare

    • Personal Hygiene

  • Constant Evaluation


  • Conduct business in a morale and ethical environment

  • Manufacture products of quality

  • Produce products that are safe

  • To connect with the food service operator and their patrons

  • To be acknowledged as an industry leader by our peers



To Exceed the Expectations Of:

  • The Consumer

  • The End User

  • The Distributor


To Fit Virtually Any Menu…The Possibilities Are Boundless

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